My First Disney Park Visit – Sean

In the summer of 1984 thirty years ago this month I made my first pilgrimage to the place that has brought such fond memories to my life. At the age of 9 I knew very little about Walt Disney World except for what I had seen on TV or from friends who been before me.

Believe it or not I have few actual memories from visiting Walt Disney World in that year. I have more memories of driving in the car or the reluctance of my older sister to actual go with the family. But the memories that I do have are the ones that help to lay the brick work for future visits.

The only food I can honestly remember eating was having a Monte Cristo Sandwich at Pinocchio’s Village Haus. The Reason I remember that so much is not only loving the sandwich but waving to the passengers on the boats for It’s a Small World. I can’t really recall riding many attractions from that trip but I do recall 2 attractions that are no longer at the Magic Kingdom.

I loved riding the Skyway from Fantasyland to tomorrow because that gave me a bird’s eye view to my favorite attraction 20k Leagues Under The Sea. This attraction fascinated me because at the age of 9 I really thought we were going under water. But 5 years later I discovered that was not true and broke my heart, but that’s another story. To ride 20k Leagues at that age it was magical. I could not believe what lurked under the sea in Walt Disney World. From mermaids to gems I wanted to see it all. My mind would wander on that attraction thinking about what it would really be like to be in a submarine on the ocean floor. Good thing I never joined the Navy cause I would have been thoroughly disappointed.

I can also remember visiting River Country which is still there but no longer operating. I was fascinated with that place because you were swimming in water from Bay Lake just a short distance to the Magic Kingdom. And Heck I even remember swimming with Goofy, what is better than that.

When visiting Epcot Center I can remember riding Spaceship Earth, Journey Into Imagination, Horizons, World of Motion and World Showcase. Boy did I hate World Showcase back then. I thought it was the most boring thing in the world but honestly it was when you take into account those previous attractions that I mentioned. Epcot Center back in 84 was a wondrous place. Our future was taking place right before our eyes and you just needed a little imagination to take you there. The imagination attraction was incredible you couldn’t help but smile while riding it. There are lots of things from the other attractions I can remember from Walter Cronkite’s spiel on Spaceship Earth to the voyage outside of the attraction at World of Motion but it was Horizons that I feel in love with.

Horizons was a look at our future and it was a great big beautiful future. I wanted to step into that world or at the very least explore the sets to Horizons. From the Music to the message that was shown I saw a future that looked like a lot of fun. From space exploration to the deep ocean floor it was all there to explore. I never got to explore the attraction but I felt the love and the appreciation for what that attraction was.