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We have all experienced the PDDS (Post Disney Depression Syndrome). The days, month, even years after your last trip can be hard to bare. Luckily there are some things you can bring home from Walt Disney World that will allow you to bring those happy magical memories back. Here are my Tiki Top 5 Souvenirs to do just that.

5. Disney Parks CD’s

wdw album wassalou

Some of our most magical memories of being at Walt Disney World is the music. Two of my favorites are the official Walt Disney World Album and Live In The Village by Wassalou. Some of you might know Wassalou from their “Disney” name the Burudika band that play in Harambe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Whether you are at work, in your car, or mowing the yard. Disney music will always transport you back.

4. Disney Parks Cookbooks

wdw cookbook

Many of you know I am an Executive Chef. So for me food is a huge part of why I love Walt Disney World. You can find cookbooks at most gift shops around the parks and resorts. They also see specialty ones for the Food & Wine Festival. Making a meal you had at Disney is the perfect way to relive those moments.

3. Make Your Own Dole Whip


So I’m cheating on this one (I know it’s usually Sean who cheats). The one treat that makes me think of Walt Disney World more than any other is the Dole Whip. So unless you have dry ice and a private plane you can’t bring this home from the parks. However, you can make it at home in your ice cream maker. go to and you can have your own Dole Whip. I have used this product and it is the same mix the parks use.

2. T-Shirts


Clothes can be a way to show the world your Disney pride. They can also make you relive the experience of buying, wearing, and maybe even an interaction you had with someone at Walt Disney World. I remember on our last trip I was getting off the plane in my Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost shirt and several people stopped me to ask or comment on it. So every time I pull it from the drawer it makes me smile.

1. Taking Pictures


Even before I had a website, podcast, and blog. I have always loved taking pictures. I have been ridiculed by other people on trips for taking so many. However, the best way to remember the moments in your life are through pictures. Our last trip I took over 6k pictures (some of them were on a sequenced setting). I love sitting at the computer and going through them to organizing, cataloging, and reliving the trip. I also love looking in the background of pictures. Seeing the faces or things that I might not have seen when I first took them.

Make sure to comment on this post and tell us what your favorite things to bring home from Walt Disney World are.