Hello everyone! My name is Thom and I am extremely excited to contribute to the Enchanted Tiki Talk blog. I’ve been a listener from the beginning so when I saw the call for contributors I had to throw my name out there. I’m a huge Walt Disney World fan and hope that I somehow help or entertain you between trips to The World.
As a child I remember being obsessed with The Lion King and Aladdin. I must have watched them a hundred times over. I sat in my living room floor for hours teaching myself to draw using Lion King coloring books. I was also infatuated with The Muppets. I wore out at least one VHS recording of Muppets Take Manhattan. They weren’t a Disney brand at the time but my sense of humor and timing resemble a combination of Fozzie Bear and Statler and Waldorf. The jokes aren’t very funny but they can be snide and sarcastic.
I never had a chance to go to the parks and I’m not even sure I was aware they existed. Rural Kentucky didn’t seem to have a #DisneySide (ugh…). As I grew older I put aside the “childish” Disney animation in favor of video games, comic books, and action figures. Obviously I was extremely grown up at that point. Little did I know there was a Disney World fanatic lurking under the surface.
Enter my lovely wife Amy. As part of our wedding planning in 2009 we contemplated where to travel for our honeymoon. She mentioned that a coworker was taking her niece and nephew to Disney World for spring break so I suggested we go there. Her family had visited the parks a few times so she wasn’t a complete newbie. She bought an Unofficial Guide, called AAA to help us book, and that was that.
She tried to include me in the planning but I was less than helpful. I had never visited so I had no idea what to do, where to eat, and which parks to visit. Thankfully she’s a fantastic planner and came up with a perfect vacation. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside on the Free Dining promotion. Despite my feelings about the Dining Plan today I would always recommend it to a first time visitor.
One of my favorite Disney memories comes from that first trip. As we walked down Main Street USA after spending two days touring the Magic Kingdom I told my wife “Well, I feel like I’ve done everything here and don’t feel any need to come back to the Magic Kingdom again.” It was so naïve and I was obviously taken by a sudden bout of insanity.
I have visited The World six times since 2009 and purchased DVC at Saratoga Springs. Despite owning there I have yet to stay, preferring to stay at the other DVC resorts. The attractions are great but the atmosphere, details, and food keep me eager to go back.
Beyond writing about trips, favorite moments, and favorite restaurants you can expect me to write about the new technology in the Disney parks, Disney Infinity, and maybe review some of the rare and cool merchandise I’ve stumbled across in the past five years.
I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about my favorite subject… me! In all seriousness I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to share some of my Disney experience and hope you enjoy hearing me talk about it.