Why I love Disney?

One of the main reasons I love Disney is the fact that it is a family oriented place with so many activities and dining options. There are so many things for each family member to do together or alone if one chooses. The many options include rides, shows, concerts, fishing, fireworks, bowling, movies, swimming, Run Disney events, parties, adult beverages and especially the numerous first class dining options (considering I have two hungry boys – DS#1 and DS#2 and a husband DH).   We have been going once or twice a year to WDW since 2005 as a family.  We still haven’t done everything.  It’s amazing that my family is always happy there.

Another reason I love Disney is the attention to detail and the immaculate way staff keep the park groomed and clean. You’ve been to Six Flags, the coasters there may be bigger but the Park is one big hot black top and I feel as if I need to swim in Clorox to get the slime off.   The attention to the upkeep of the grounds at WDW is amazing in its detail and really adds to my experience.   It is truly amazing to me that WDW can transform themes such as Halloween to Christmas overnight – a lot of Disney elves must live there.

I also go back several times of year due to the unbelievable Cast Members (CM) who are always going above and beyond to make each of my days really special. At my DVC home Kidani, CMs have begun to recognize us, and make our stay as comfortable and as fun as possible. On the Savannah, the CMs teach African culture and wildlife lessons and answer my boys’ numerous questions. Chris the wonderful CM at Sanaa knows what to recommend from the menu and always knows when a baby is born on the Kidani Savannah. Walter the wonderful CM at California Grill and the head Chef at Citricos made our 20th anniversary trip truly special for my husband and me.   I could always sense through our interactions with the CM wait staff that they truly love what they do and it shows.   Disney Cast Members go way above and beyond what we normally receive when dining at home and there is really no comparison.

I especially love the various themed Disney Resorts. My family has stayed at the Polynesian, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Bay Lake Towers, Boardwalk Villas and our “home resort” Kidani. The Resorts all have their own themes and atmospheres that seemingly transport you to a different time and place. Our very first Disney visit and experience was at the Polynesian Resort which is located right on the monorail – my husband especially enjoyed being on the monorail. Our experience at the Poly began our love of the whole Disney experience, winning over my DH. Each of the Resorts are unique and have different things that we enjoy.   For instance Old Key West has a beachy tropical feel and we adore the pool and Olivia’s restaurant.   Bay Lake Tower has amazing views that are stunning and the food options are among the best on Disney property. The location of Boardwalk allows us to walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios and watch a football game or two at ESPN. Kidani our favorite is like a Safari in itself with the African animals strolling around and the detailed African buildings make this experience authentic. It also has unbelievable restaurants Boma, Jiko and Sanaa and the pool is so relaxing. We love sitting by the fire at night or sitting on our balcony and watching the animals. Saratoga Springs is close to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) and we love the Turf Club.

The other thing I love about Disney is their ability to fix a glitch.  I will just give you one example. We were staying at Kidani and our dryer broke. One of the things I love about being a DVC member is ability to book a room that has a washer/dryer – weird I know.  This allows me to bring less clothing with us and have room for souvenirs – shh don’t tell DH.  Anyway, I have a rule about eating dinner out with my boys – they have to dress appropriately collared shirt and khakis. I was drying, DS#1’s shirt one night before our Jiko dinner reservation, the dryer broke. I called downstairs and explained about the shirt rule. They sent someone to fix the dryer and another CM carrying a DVC Polo shirt for him. Above and Beyond – seriously!

The reasons why I go back to Disney so much is the look on DH’s face after he rides Rock n’ Roller Coaster, or the way he runs to Exhibition Everest, the way he loves Ohana dinner, the way he knows to take my picture at the Castle.   I remember the time DS#1 at 14 in Country Bears Jamboree leaned over to me and said “Mom, I love you”.  I remember the way DS#2 walked every single inch of the parks at age 5.   We have traditions about where we want to eat, and what park to visit first or last. I love the time we spend together at TS (Table Service) meals or grabbing CS (Counter Service) so we can ride EE one more time. These family Disney memories we will cherish forever. Guess what? I’m going back soon!!!!