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Wishes has always been my favorite night time spectacular. I have always loved listening to the music but after my 2010 trip I had more of an emotional attachment to the show.

Back in 2010 my wife and I made our last trip as non parents. Granted my son was cooking in the oven but he wasn’t here just yet. This trip is definitely a top 5 trip of all time for us.

Staying at Old Key West we were able to just really relax and really appreciate each other before our son was born. We spent more time just walking in the parks as opposed to riding attractions. It was more of a stop and smell the roses type of trip. I really enjoyed the time we had for ourselves. We didn’t need to go commando style we appreciated everything that was around us. I can recall sitting in the flower garden in the UK Pavilion and just admiring how pretty and actually how quiet everything was. Or just sitting in different spots along Main Street USA and just people watch. Sometimes even in Disney you need time to just relax and soak it all in.

As nighttime approached and we found our spot to watch Wishes it was then that I realized just how special Disney really can be. Over the years my wife and i have collected a jar full of memories but now as the birth of our son approached I knew just how different those memories were going to be. I imagined what it would be like taking him on his first ride, or meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time. Or just the simple moments that happen for no reason. I had so many great memories of Walt Disney World and I want my kids to have those family memories that last a lifetime.

As the music from Wishes played my emotions, thoughts and dreams caught up with me and I had tears of joy running down my face. At that moment Wishes and I connected. As the words say “Dreams really do come true”. At that moment my dreams were coming true. I had a beautiful wife, a child on the way and I was truly in the happiest place on Earth.

Each Disney trip is special and unique. There is always one memory that stands out and it will be something you will never forget. That trip had many moments and the best thing is that the next trip will have ever more moments but this time I have 2 kids to share it with.