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For those who like the Disney dining plan or for those who have never used it before here is the top 5 Best and Worst Snacks to use on the dining plan.


5. Ice Cream: Located on Main St USA at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor you can treat yourself to an old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, peanut butter drizzle, whipped cream and a cherry all of that for $5.39

4. Starbucks: Those Frappuccino’s that everyone loves are part of the snack credits. That means if you want a Venti size for yourself or to share then go for it, because its included. Price is roughly $5.49 

3. Funnel Cakes: These delicious fried treats with powdered sugar are all over Walt Disney World. Better yet at Roughly $5.69 these are a steal with a snack credit.

2. Sushi: If you are walking around Epcot and you are in the Japan Pavilion and have a craving for Sushi then head to the Kabuki Cafe. Here you can choose from a limited selection of Sushi but at $4.98 its a great use of your snack credits.

1. Dole Whip,  Lefou’s Brew or Citrus Swirl: These sweet treats are just great snacks to have period. Dole Whips can be found at Aloha Isle in Advenureland. The Dole Whip float which is Vanilla Ice Cream resting in Pineapple juice  at $4.99 its the perfect use of a snack Credit. Lefou’s Brew Located at Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland is frozen Apple Slush with a hint of Toasted Marshmellow and a Passion Fruit Top priced at $4.49. My personal favorite the Citrus Swirl located at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. This is Vanilla Ice Cream with Orange Slush. Priced at $3.79 it is just too tasty to pass up.


5. Soda: It ranges from $2.99 to $3.29 while the larger size gives you a better bang for the buck. Your better off quenching your thirst on a tasty Dole Whip instead.

4. Assorted Chips: Throughout all the snack stands and quick service restaurants you can grab a bag of potato chips. At $3.25 you would be better off grabbing any other snack that you can only find in Disney. Say a Jalapeno Stuffed Cheese Pretzel for $5.00

3. Chocolate-Chip Cookies: At several snack stand you can buy some cookies. At  $2.50 your better off heading to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and grabbing an ice cream sandwich.

2.Coffee: I know you need the caffeine to get your day going. Regular Coffee at most snack and quick service restaurants is roughly $2.29. This is not a good way to spend your snack credits. Pay out of pocket or head to Starbucks and grab a latte.

1. Bottled Water: At $2.50 this is a terrible waste of a snack credit. Just head to a quick service area and ask for an ice water. Its free and it saves you a snack credit.

This is just a basic guide and there may be other options that will save you money with snack credits. But these are ones I highly recommend checking out.