The Avengers Vault by Peter A David.


I received a review copy of the Avengers Vault and when I first opened the book I immediately fell in love with it. Just looking at the images and sketches it draws you into the Avengers. You immediately get a better appreciation of what the artists did for these characters. The book is extremely easy to read with larger print which makes it a great choice for fans of all ages.

This is a perfect companion book to give to someone who is newly into the Marvel Universe and wants more a basic background of 4 of the major character in the Avengers. There are chapters for each character like the Hulk, Captain American, Thor and Iron Man. Each chapter goes into the background of the character as well as talks about their villains and how the characters were created in real life.

There are 10 removable sheets inside the book which are incredible. Each one is certainly worthy of framing and hanging on a wall and will be great conversation pieces. I would also consider this to be a great table top book. You can easily pick it up and read a few pages without losing a beat.

Personally I wish they would have gone into more detail on some of the other Avengers like Black Window or Hawkeye which are shown on the cover but they are at least brought up throughout the book.

Thunder Press will release Marvel The Avengers Vault by Peter A. David this March 2015.