I wanted to go see Tomorrowland before social media spoiled it for me. I also made a conscious decision not to listen or read much about it beforehand. When we were at New York Comic-Con I was upset that I missed the panel (dumb flight delay), but was excited to see the hype surrounding this movie.

I did however hear some of the critics gave it a less than magical review. I will get into my opinion on that later.

As with every Disney film the opening castle scene doesn’t disappoint. I am always amazed at how much thought goes into those. The story is an involved one. I know lots of people said “I’m going to see it and I have no idea what it’s about” I think that might be the one thing that will be hard for kids to understand. I know several kids around us in the theater were asking quite a few questions as it went along.


The acting is really good throughout. Of course the stars such as George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Tim McGraw pull out amazing performances which you expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the younger actors that helped you believe in the story. The show stealing performance for me was the character Athena played by Raffey Cassidy. Her maturity and emotions really made you care about Athena. We all know when young actors can hurt a film (go watch Star Wars Episode I).

The film ran a little long for my taste. At two hours and ten minutes, it did tend to drag in some spots. Another disadvantage when you have kids with you.

Now for my editorial on today’s movie experience. I get so tired of “critics” who feel they aren’t doing their jobs if they don’t find something wrong with a movie. I believe that society has gotten so used to having stories spoon fed to them. When a film actually makes you pay attention and think a little people tend to criticize it. What I enjoyed about this film is that you need to stay with it. I didn’t know how it was going to end fifteen minutes into it. In today’s cinematic world of very few new ideas or diluted storylines Tomorrowland is very refreshing.


So pick up your pin and take the journey into Tomorrowland you won’t regret it!