Oh my boyhood dreams of staying at the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World. I honestly never thought that day would come, especially when I first bought into DVC. Now a mere 7 short years later after purchasing DVC we finally had our opportunity albeit after some room issues at Kidani Village.

Sunday the 3rd we checked into Kidani Village but ran into some room issues but just 2 hours later we had been moved to the Polynesian Resort into a standard view studio.

My first impression after walking into the Polynesian was that the grandness of the old fountain was no longer there but the openness seemed to bring some more life into the lobby. Granted I think a larger fountain would be better but you do get a view of Cinderella’s Castle when you walk in now. But can I also say how cool it is getting a Lei when checking in. I don’t care if its pink I was sporting it proudly.

Walking to our room in Moorea there was a lot of construction going on but it wasn’t anything that was going to ruin my stay there. I just wish there was music playing along my walk around the other longhouses.

My initial Impression of the studios when I walked in were that they are nice but in some ways seem cramped. Maybe that was because we just stayed in a 3 bedrooms condo at the beach or that my son wanted me to open up the sleeper couch right away. The best part of the studios at the poly is the second bathroom with the stand up shower. You don’t realize how much of a time saver that is with multiple people in the room. The stand up shower with rain shower head is just like home but somehow I have more of a tropical relaxation going on while using it. I didn’t feel cramped inside the shower at all.

I loved the convenience of having the monorail at the Poly but it was easier for us to walk to the TTC to grab it than walk to the main lobby. I just wish the Monorail didn’t break down so often. You also have the option of the ferry boat as well as the smaller boats by the main building.

IMG_9030What really got this Disnerd excited was actually swimming in the new pool. The water is fairly shallow at 3 and maybe 4 feet in some spots but what really brought everything home was seeing Cinderellas Castle and Space Mountain in the distance. I can’t quite describe that feeling of relaxing in the pool and seeing the Magic Kingdom in the distance. Its a feeling I never thought I would experience. I could have stayed there all day looking at that view but my kids had other plans.

IMG_9050The kids splash area is something i think every resort should have. There was so much for them to do. From firing water cannons to dumping buckets on me or going down the water slide my son had so much fun swimming and playing in that area and of course I did as well. Disney went above and beyond with this and I am glad to see so many kids enjoying it.