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The one thing I love most about World Showcase is being able to experience the culture and by culture I mean what alcoholic drinks do they have to quench my thirst. So I have put together a list of the top 5 drinks I must have while walking through World Showcase.

5. Germany and the Weinkeller

I always love stopping in Germany and grabbing a beer but there is one thing in Germany I can’t pass up. Riesling of any kind suits my palate nicely. They don’t always carry the same Riesling brand but its worth stopping in for a wine tasting. Plus you can always take a bottle to go.

4. America – Fife and Drum Tavern

Here lies another frozen concoction that is hard to pass up. The Frozen Red Stag Lemonade. This is a drink I make often at home on a hot day in the summer. The tartness from the lemonade and the sweet cherry in the bourbon make this a drink that must not be passed by. BTW grab an Jalapeno and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel while you are there. You wont be sorry.

3. United Kingdom

Guinness not much more can say about that. Except that I prefer to drink it inside the Rose and Crown Pub. That way I can enjoy the pub atmosphere and not feel rushed downing my Guinness.

2.  France try the Grand Marnier Orange Slush

Located next to the crepe stand you will find this tasty drink. Its so smooth and tasty but not too sweet, and so light and refreshing. It tastes more like an Orange Creamsicle but after finishing one you will want to try it again and again.

1. Mexico and La Cava del Tequila 

Located inside the Mexico Pavilion lies the greatest tequila bar you could ever dream of. You really can not go wrong with any margarita from La Cava. I can’t really choose a favorite because they are all so good. So I will leave that one up to you guys. But try the Blood Orange, Pineapple or even the Cucumber.