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I put a list together for 5 easy ways to save a few bucks while in Walt Disney World.

1. Water

Water can get very expensive while you are in Walt Disney World. They charge $2.75 for a Bottle of Dasani. An easy way to save money is to get some FREE water, yes free. You can easily go to any of the quick service restaurants and just ask for a free cup of ice water. Or another option is to have cases of water delivered to your room. You can use a personal shopper or one of the sites like Garden Grocer to deliver it to your room. There will be some service charges but its still cheaper than buying 10 bottles of water in the parks. This goes for groceries as well.

2. Snacks

Snacking can get expensive in Walt Disney World but one easy thing to do is bring some snacks with you in the parks. You can easily pack granola bars, Goldfish or any snack that doesn’t take up much space in the suitcase. You will be glad you did especially if you have young kids with you. As mentioned with water take advantage of the grocery deliveries and get some fresh fruit delivered.

3. Skip the Souvenirs

Some not all items in the parks may be found at the Disneystore.com online. They often run sales throughout the year with 20% off or more. Take advantage of those sales and skip the souvenirs until you are home. Or if you have a car there are 2 Disney Outlet stores within a 15 minute ride of Walt Disney World where you can purchase some park souvenirs as well.

4. Order A La Carte

At the quick service restaurants you will often see items listed as a combo. As a quick example over at Casey’s on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom the hot dogs are listed with french fries. So just ask for them without fries. That will save you a couple of bucks and some calories as well.

5. Skip dinner and do lunch

This only goes for the sit down restaurants but if you are willing to skip doing dinner at a sit down restaurant choose to do lunch instead. Often times the menu’s are the same and the meals might be a little smaller but they are always cheaper than the dinner menu. Choose a later lunch say around 3 o’clock and then do dinner later that evening in a quick service restaurant. The good news there is that the crowds are lighter.