Throughout my adult life I have been very interested in photography and being able to capture the adventures of my life. I have often been teased for taking so many pictures on trips and I usually just let it roll off my back. Especially on my last trip to Walt Disney World. I feel as if I used it more as a research mission than a vacation. I even would hear comments from other guests while I was in queue lines, but never took it to heart.

keith mirror

(Here I am at the Ohio State Reformatory where the film Shawshank Redemption was filmed)

A couple months ago I was listening to an interview with a celebrity that really resonated with me. They were talking about how they felt people don’t experience life any longer. They all watch concerts, comedy shows, and even movies through their cell phone screens.


I was getting ready for a vacation to the beaches of North Carolina and I made the decision that I was going to cut the screen so to speak with my phone and enjoy the vacation firsthand. I have to admit it was amazing. It took a couple of days to get used to not reaching for the phone or trying to find the “perfect” picture to take. I started to think of how enjoyable a trip to Walt Disney World would be without the weight of my camera around my neck.

Most Disney fans go to the parks as a place to escape and feel as if you are in another world. Walt said himself “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy”. Having a podcast and trying to bring people the sights and sounds of the parks is a difficult line to tow with this philosophy. However, I am very excited on our next trip to Walt Disney World to test this out. At least for half of the trip.

I understand there will be some resistance to this line of thinking. Disney vacations are very expensive and for those of us who are not local to the parks can be far between trips. I also know how guests want to have those memories to bring home and hold onto until their next trip. There are a few ways that you can accomplish both.

1. Use Memory Maker. Disney has a wonderful team of trained photographers who will take stunning family pictures for you.

2. Only take your camera on certain days of the trip. You don’t need to keep it attached at all times. Especially at night when unless you have a professional camera the photos won’t come out that great anyway.

3. You do not need to take videos of the shows, parades, and fireworks. There are tons of professionally done videos on Youtube for you to watch. I suggest friends of the show Peas & Carrots and Big Fat Panda’s channel.

I am very anxious to try this new way of visiting Walt Disney World on our next trip. I will be sure to make an updated post to share how it went.