I have been asked many times what my favorite Disney resort is or why is it the Wilderness Lodge. The simple answer to this for me is well this is the first Deluxe resort my wife and I stayed at.

Back in 2002 my then finance and I took our first vacation together. It was such a magical trip. It was the first time we actually had time to ourselves as we had just recently gotten engaged.

So while staying at the Wilderness Lodge we fell in love with the beauty and rustic feel of the resort. When you first enter the lobby the first thing you notice is how immense this feels. You notice four large tepee chandeliers floating above your head and 2 extremely large totem poles guarding the entrance. Take a walk to the left hand side and you will see an 82 foot tall fireplace that is an re-creation of the layers of the Grand Canyon.



As you walk deeper into the lobby you will notice a bubbling hot spring that starts inside and flows outside along the grounds and feeds into the swimming pool. From there the water then flows further out into the grounds into some beautifully kept landscaping. Next to this landscaping you will find the Fire Rock Geyser that shoots water up to 120 feet into the air. This erupts on the hour from 7am to 10pm daily.


After you finish watching the Geyser erupt you can take a walk along the boardwalk that takes you to the boat launch to the Magic Kingdom or the Contemporary and Fort Wilderness Resort. This is a great spot to just take in the quiet and beauty of Bay Lake. This is one of the best selling points for us. With 2 young kids in tow we can easily wheel the stroller onto the boat to and from the Wilderness Lodge without having them wake up.


Staying at the Wilderness Lodge I personally don’t even feel like I am staying at a resort in Florida, except for the 90 degree heat and 100% humidity. But that is what the pool is for to cool you off and to grab a drink by the Trout Pass Pool Bar. What more could you want?


Besides walking the grounds there are 2 restaurants you may choose to eat at. Artist Point is a signature restaurant and then you have the Whispering Canyon which is more family friendly with some hootin and hollerin thrown in. Or you can stop at the Territory Lounge for some drinks and appetizers to pass the time.

My favorite thing to see in the lodge is actually located in front of the Mercantile which is the gift shop at the lodge. At the entrance you have a beautiful totem pole with Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Humphrey the bear who is the mascot for the Wilderness Lodge Resort.


The Wilderness Lodge truly feels like a home away from home for us. From the air blasting us when we walk into the lobby or the smells emanating from Whispering Canyon. That’s why when we hear “Welcome Home” we literally take that to heart.

To get a better view of the mornings at the Wilderness Lodge please check out my Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0P0yx8QfAA