Hot Topic is a store that I think many Disney fans overlook. There you can find more than just t-shirts; dresses, tanks, bags, jewelry and Funko figures are also available. While tends to focus on clothing for the Disney “Fab Four” and the latest Disney or Pixar film, Hot Topic offers a lot of merch from classic Pixar, the Lion King-era films and current ABC and Marvel content. They also offer a lot of items for ladies. The dresses fit beautifully, many tees are offered in a slimmer Ladies fit and tanks are a great alternative to regular tees.

Here are a few of my favorites….

I love their Peter Pan merch right now. This aqua tank is a beautiful color and the quote is a subtle reference to the film. The cosmetics/accessories case below has such a cool vintage map graphic. Meanwhile, the sugar-skull look of this Peter Pan handbag is much more trendy. I’ve seen sugar skull stuff everywhere lately so it’s neat to see Disney offering merch with this look. I also noticed a couple of sugar skull Star Wars shirts while in store.


Online, Hot Topic offers a creative collection of Once Upon a Time (“OUAT”) tees. I like that they aren’t overtly OUAT themed. Fans can easily point them out so it makes it fun to run into other fans that want to discuss the show! I sported this Captain Hook shirt for Pirate Night of our last Disney Cruise on the Fantasy and it started a passionate OUAT discussion at our dinner table!


When I spotted the Dark Swan poster at San Diego Comic Con on Twitter, I was hoping this would be offered as a shirt. Luckily, Hot Topic had it available exclusively online soon after the OUAT panel here.

Hot Topic continues to have a strong showing of Pixar merch in stores and online. I like these Monsters Inc. tees because of their simplicity: Sulley Navy tee and We Scare tee. The colors and graphics remind me of the concept art from the film and really stand out against the dark tee.

I found these colorful tees in stores. The Bing Bong tee is super soft. I was also really excited to see Wall-E and Brave merch out there! Both of these come in a slimmer Ladies fit.

IMG_3082 IMG_3084 IMG_3075

Don’t over look their scarves and dresses. I wore this Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian scarf and 50s-style Mickey dress on our last cruise and got tons of complements. Again, not in-your-face Disney but small hints that other Disney fans will appreciate.



So don’t let the loud music turn you away – head into Hot Topic next time you are at the Mall to see some of their creative Disney merch. Or better yet, check out to see their nearly 1,000 Disney items. Have fun and happy shopping!

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