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It’s been almost 10 years since I watched a Star Wars movie.  The last time I watched a film it was when I purchase Revenge of The Sith on DVD in 2005 and that film I only watched once.

I have been a lifelong Star Wars fan but to be honest after the prequel trilogy ended I felt I was too overloaded with It. I did watch the Clone Wars cartoon and now Rebels but it has a different feel than to the movies. To me I always connected with Luke, Leai, Han and Chewie. Heck I played with their action figures when I was 5. But then again this was my generations film.


So last night after I watched The Hobbit the battle of the 5 armies I felt something I haven’t felt since: well you get the point.

So I decided to throw in Star Wars. That’s A New Hope for all you newer Star Wars fans. As I started to watch the film and for the first 15 minutes or so I was distracted and I was fiddling with my phone. But then something magical happened. I was engrossed in the Star Wars Universe without touching my phone again for the remainder of the film. In this day in age with all the distractions for a brief hour or so I felt like that 8 year old kid watching Star Wars and playing with his action figures. To be honest when The Millennium Falcon got sucked into the tractor beam i actually paused the movie to get some of my action figures which haven’t seen the light of day in 12 years.  collecting01

After I finished the film I remember why I loved the movies so much. As a kid Star Wars was something fresh and new to a young kid. The universe that they lived in was dirty, full of characters you wanted to know more about. And a universe you want to explore with a lightsaber you actually want to hold and play with. Star Wars let your imagination fly to places it has never been before.

I am really looking forward to the new set of films that are coming. The one thing I am truly looking forward to is my 4 year old son seeing this universe for the first time. What will his reaction be with Darth Vader’s revelation and then Princess Leia? Will he fall in love with this universe that George Lucas created? Only time will tell. But I am looking forward to exploring that universe once again with my son. For a time I can relive my memories with Star Wars through him.

May The Force Be With You, Always!