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We were missing New England the other day and decided the best thing to do about that was to go to Disney World! We went on the MDE app and got same day lunch reservations for Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club Resort. Who says you have to plan in advance?

We headed down a few hours early so we could walk around BoardWalk (with it’s super creepy clown pool), Beach Club and Yacht Club. They are beautifully situated around Crescent Lake and are a nice little walk to Epcot’s International Gate entrance.

Stepping into the Yacht Club is very much like walking into Newport, RI. I’ve spent so much time there and Disney really has achieved that feel here. From the lighting (my obsession) to the wainscoting, the interior is dead on New England. I even like that the Cast Members are dressed in their nautical gear.

I always get smug when I’m about to try “authentic” NE Chowder (translated from chowdah). I am most often completely let down. Some restaurants may have the texture of the potatoes right but where’s the hint of pork? Don’t even get me started on the consistency! Well I can happily report that they pretty much nailed it. I would say it’s as good as you’ll get up north. Great job on something that is really a challenge. Because I’m picky, I would say the color was just a tad off. Didn’t effect the taste.

The Lobster Roll (translated from lobstah) was perfection. I would say it was one of the best I’ve ever had. The roll was toasted, the lobster moist and the dressing lightly used and thin. This came with fries that had their own dish so it wouldn’t get your sandwich warm. Perfection!

We didn’t have desert as I was saving myself for Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club Resort. No, we didn’t have the Kitchen Sink, it would be way too much for two people.

I look forward to visiting the Yacht Club or as I will rename it – Newport South.