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Olivia’s Café at Old Key West

I’ll admit it, I go to these fantastic restaurants partly because I love checking out the resorts! They are so unique and beautifully themed  that they would stand alone anywhere but in WDW you have such over abundance of options. You can go from Victorian era grandeur to Flavors of Africa and then onto some fried chicken and ribs along with the show at a western show.

Olivia’s Café feels like going to a Mom & Pop diner at the seashore. It’s not overly grand and it’s not trying to be. It’s kitschy and nautical. There are pictures of families who have enjoyed the resort hanging on the walls like regulars and keepsakes lovingly framed. The staff is dressed appropriately for area (Old Key West, of course) in khakis and Hawaiian shirts.

The food, however is not just casually put together. The presentation as well as the flavors really stand out. Definitely makes an impression. I had the Seven Mile Sea Scallops and cannot wait to have it again. The scallops were lightly grilled and placed over polenta that was extra creamy. Olive oil tossed asparagus peeks out from under and crispy prosciutto tops off the dish to perfection.