Epcot’s World Showcase has a total of 11 countries or pavilions featured inside the park. Each country is staffed by castmembers from their respective country so its like taking a mini vacation around the world. But here is a list of the top 5 countries I feel you should spend more time exploring.


5. Morocco

Morocco is probably the most accurate country in World Showcase. Back when Morocco was being built King Hassan II send Moroccan artists to design and create all the mosaics that can be seen in the pavilion. Interesting fact about Morocco is that the pavilion does not light up during illuminations because of religious reasons.  Take a walk around the pavilion and see the small maze of shops located on the side and rear. Be sure to stop at the Tangierine Cafe and grab some Baklava.

4. Japan

The beauty of Japan is the small things that you need to get up close to see.  First stop listen to the Taiko drummers and then take a walk along the left side of the pavilion to explore the koi ponds and the monkey puzzle trees. When your done visiting the fish take a walk into Mitsukoshi Department Store and you will see many interesting Japanese Souvenirs for sale. Be sure to try some of the snacks like Shrimp Chocolate or if that’s not your style head to the back and visit the Sake Tasting Bar.

3. China

Fans of Mulan will be able to find Mulan available for meet and greet here, but take some time walking the grounds and especially visiting the Terracotta Army. These replica figures are from around 210 BC but only discovered in 1974. The foot bridges, water features and bambo groves give you a sense of calm on the right side of the pavilion. You can also check out the Reflections of China film which is 360 degrees showing your the beauty and wonders of China.

2. France

Before you explore France you should grab yourself a Grey Goose Grand Marnier Slush. This will quench your thirst while you explore the romanticized version of Paris.  For those who love ice cream be sure to visit L’Artisan des Glaces for 16 flavors of ice cream and sorbet. France has some beautiful gardens and you can meet Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast there as well.

1. Mexico

Mexico is number 1 for many reasons. First of all once you step inside the pyramid it is always nighttime. The first thing you will notice is the street vendors located in the middle of the building. Here you can grab some souvenirs from Mexico and even try on a sombrero. Next on the left hand side in the back you will notice a boat attraction you can ride. It’s called the Grand Fiesta Tour starring the 3 Caballeros. While on this journey through Mexico you will notice people eating dinner on the banks of the indoor river. That’s the San Angel Inn restaurant which features authentic Mexican cuisine. Before you leave be sure to visit La Cava Del Tequila for incredible tasting Margaritas or some shots of Tequila.

Honorable Mention?

This actually goes to Germany. To be honest I spend more time in Germany than any other pavilion. Eating at the Biergarten is a must do for me on every trip. I love to listen to the Oompah band and throw back and yard of beer while devouring German sausage. The pavilion itself has some great shops to explorer from the Wine tastings to the room with all the expensive German Christmas ornaments. And last to mention is the great Werther sweet shop to grab one of my favorite snacks,  the caramel popcorn with Werthers.

So in conclusion While I have Mexico at number 1 I think personally I would make Germany and Mexico a tie in my book.

What are your favorites or what stands out at these countries that I missed?