The Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich

Yes, the Earl of Sandwich does remind me of Panera Bread. Nothing wrong with that, I like Panera. The food here is reasonably priced and always fresh and yummy. The salads are some of my favorites along with the soups. I know it’s warm in FL but we do get soup weather. The menu does change seasonally but that’s part of the charm. Who doesn’t want a Thanksgiving sandwich in the fall? They have different bottled drinks as well as the fun Coca Cola machine.

The location is wonderful in Disney Springs and has plenty of inside as well as outside seating. This is a nice quick stop to fuel your day of shopping!

Sleepy Hollow


Sleepy Hollow is located just over the bridge from the left side of the castle into Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. Think one word – WAFFLE. While they have many delicious items I would say that they are most well known for their Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. I know you either like that sort of thing or you don’t but I can tell you by the feedback and lines that it’s a pretty big deal. They also offer a waffle with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon as well as the always fantastic funnel cakes.

They also offer coffee, tea and assorted soft drinks. Not to be confused with the Starbucks on Main Street that does not serve waffles.

L’Artisan de Glaces


If you enjoy wonderful quality ice cream, you have to visit Epcot’s France Pavilion. They have a generous variety of flavors and some sorbet also.  The shop is very cute and charming. The staff is always very nice and will even give out samples. There is limited seating outside of the shop.

You can order 1 or 2 scoops or go for the famous macaron ice cream sandwiches. They are as beautiful as they are yummy! There are waffle bowls and some sauces and even a hint of Grand Marnier if you are so inclined. Not to be confused with the booth that sells frozen orange Grand Marnier slushes – they are deadly!

Stop on by because there will be something for everyone!