The word “gym” can be intimidating for many people. I played football in high school so I have been well versed in the gym culture. I actually enjoyed it then and have always enjoyed the feeling I get afterwards. There is a certain “high” from a good workout.

I have been in and out of a gym ever since (mostly out). However, the thought of going back into the gym has always held mixed emotions for me. I know I can’t lift or do as much as I used to be able to. There is always the competitive side of me who wants to go meatballs to the wall and hit it like the old days.

I got a membership to my local Planet Fitness. It was relatively inexpensive and I liked the fact they have a lot of machines. Everything from treadmills, bikes, etc. They also have a nice selection of weight machines, free weights and helpful staff. I am not being paid for that endorsement, however any gym will do. Don’t feel self conscious. There will always be people who are more and less fit than you. Just focus on your own journey.

If you begin now please be aware that the gym will be busy. A lot of resolutions being fulfilled will draw a crowd. However, don’t fret any activity is better than no activity.  When dealing with the weights, more reps and low weight is always the best policy. If you go too big too fast you will be very sore. It will take a few days for you to feel like working out again and throw you off your schedule. So go slow for the first few times until you see how your body responds.

Doing cardio will certainly burn the calories and help you lose weight. If your knees are an issue try the bike. It will relieve the pressure and constant pounding on your knees. If you are fine with the treadmill try a slight incline while you walk. it will burn more calories that walking on a flat plane. Please remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So while you are building muscle the scale might not reflect your hard work, but the mirror will.

You don’t have to have a gym membership to be active. Walking around the block, buying some resistance bands, anything will do. Just start moving

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